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Message by Career Services

Giving Back a Gift worth More than Moneyhand with gift

There is a natural tendency for graduates of LKY School to serve the community, to champion the greater good and to want others to reap the same, or better, rewards than they did.

While one of the most obvious ways of giving back to the school is through the school’s giving campaign, other ways of paying it forward should also be considered through “the gift of sharing”.

The LKY School qualification can be viewed similarly to an asset that can grow in value.  For the time that one has invested in an LKY School education, it is understandable to expect that graduates should want to ensure that their alma mater increase in stature. A great way to guarantee this growth in value is to contribute back to the school community, particularly in the area of career development.

Your support to the career development of members of the LKY School family is valuable and may very well be one of the most important contributions you could make to the school. Your experience and networks are just as important as monetary donations (which are very much appreciated).

Contributing to the career development of the next generation of students and alumni not only enriches the LKY School community but also increases the stature of the school. Showing active support affects how others, especially employers, view our alumni.

Furthering the career goals of the LKY School family members and the aims of the institution as a whole will not only benefit others but will also benefit your own career prospects by elevating the reputation of your qualifications.

Here are some ways you could give “the gift of sharing” back to the LKY School family.

Job Opportunities

iStock_000044479608_LargeOne great way to share is to pass on any appropriate job leads to Career Services. The school will then share these opportunities with alumni and graduating students for their consideration via email, social media, newsletters and/or the LKYSPP jobs portal. Seek to recommend your alumni to potential career opportunities. By promoting them, you are endorsing the quality of your education, thus promoting the school as well.


Even if your organisation may not have an official internship programme, a good way to stay in touch with the LKY School community is to create either paid or volunteer internship opportunities for current students. Again, do feel free to use the school as a channel to introduce current students to these opportunities.


Group of Business People Talking and Business Related Symbols AbNetworking

Being an active member on the school’s alumni Linkedin group is a wonderful way to use social media to both reach out and give back to the school community. Start discussions on current affairs, industrial trends or work experiences with your alumni and current LKYSPP students to build familiarity and discover new connections. This closed group was created as a platform exclusively for all alumni and current students of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy to connect and network. To be added to the group, please ensure that you  have included “LKYSPP” under Education in your LinkedIn profile before making a request to join the group.

Company Presentations

Invite your organisation to conduct information sessions at the school. Even if your organisation is not hiring at the moment, one way to create a talent pipeline and introduce different career options for current students is through these interactive Career Talks. Contact directly to arrange for a Career Talk.

For further information on how to give the gift of sharing to the career development of the LKY School community, contact , Associate Director, Student and Career Services, Academic Affairs.

We look forward to hearing from our alumni.


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