LKY School launches year-long series to mark 10th year |

LKY School launches year-long series to mark 10th year

LKYSch-10th-anniversarySeptember 2014 will mark LKY School’s 10th year. From now till next September, the School will curate a year-long series of seminars, workshops and conferences to commemorate the milestone.

Coordinating the calendar of events is Donald Low, Associate Dean of Research and Executive Education at LKY School: “This series will be geared towards questioning and challenging conventional approaches in public policy and public management. In our 10th year, we wish to encourage students, faculty and stakeholders alike, to pause and reflect on the kind of public policy and management that exists today — and to question and rethink conventional approaches to seek further breakthroughs.”

Challenging the Washington Consensus

The first event of the series was a lecture on 23 October 2013 by Lord Adair Turner, Senior Fellow at the Institute for New Economic Thinking, and former Chairman of the UK Financial Services Authority. In his lecture, Lord Turner challenged the self-confident Washington Consensus that unfettered capitalism is a superior economic system, raising problems such as the difficulties of developing economies playing “catch-up”; the dangers of too much credit in the financial markets and the long-run challenges to meaningful growth.

ADB-LKY School joint research on five Asian countries

The second event was the joint research conference on 28 October 2013 between LKY School and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The conference presented findings of research addressing the challenges and prospects in governance, public policy, and public service management in five Asian countries: China, India, Indonesia, Mongolia and Pakistan. The studies, conducted by scholars and faculty members of the LKY School and the ADB, featured different policy areas supported by ADB.

The LKY School 10th anniversary series will have varying levels of access for LKY School students and faculty as well as for government practitioners and the wider public. At the end of the year-long series, selected events will be featured in an edited volume.

For updates on the 10th anniversary series, please visit or, or follow us on Twitter #LKYSch10.

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