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MPP Student Profiles

  1. Anisah Ahmad
    “I chose the Master in Public Policy for its rigorous curriculum; I wanted to challenge myself and pursue a graduate degree that will stretch my potential to its fullest, and I’ve always been interested in the intricacies of the policy process. Furthermore, the LKY School is part of an established institution (that is NUS), its membership of the GPPN consists of renowned institutions worldwide, and there are opportunities to study abroad at several partner institutions.”

    Anisah Ahmad

    MPP 2014, Singapore

  2. Elyas Felfoul
    “The LKYSPP experience is attached to the Singaporean experience. While you will enjoy and study in a unique learning environment, you will also acquire knowledge on how a tiny state made it happen. With no natural resources, they went from a third world country to a first world country in less than three generations. You will make valuable friends – soon-to-be influential people in their own fields and countries - from all over the world and that will be a major plus for your career. At the end of your educational journey you will become truly rich in experience, connections and network.“

    Elyas Felfoul

    MPP ’13, Canada
    World Innovation Summit for Education, Qatar Foundation (Canada)

  3. Fika Fawzia
    “The LKY school provides students with a global outlook and at the same time insights on what is going on in Asia. The networks and friends that one makes from the diverse student body, and the opportunity listen from world-class speakers truly enriches the learning experience at the school. The school also benefits from the rigorous academic tradition and reputation of NUS, which is among the best universities in Asia (and the world). Much appreciation should also be given to the effort that the school is making to be responsive in catering the needs of the students.”

    Fika Fawzia

    MPP ’12, Indonesia
    Associate Director, President's Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring and Oversight (Indonesia)

  4. Jonathan Stanley
    After working with affordable housing finance and program and policy design in the US, Stanley came to LKY to study governance and policy. The most memorable part of his experience at LKY was the diverse group of people he has interacted with. “We are a class of ‘characters,’ and a class of character,” he says.

    Jonathan Stanley

  5. Aditi Rao
    “By far the most interesting academic experience was being a part of Prof. Huang Jing’s Security in Asia Pacific class, especially the heated debates on the sensitive Taiwan issue and the recent tensions in the South China Sea.”

    Aditi Rao

  6. Naomi Jacob
    “My dream is to create a social enterprise,” she says. “The school provided an amazing platform to start from, with stellar faculty, the opportunity to meet policy practitioners ranging from my classmates to Kofi Annan and all of this in Asia.”

    Naomi Jacob

    MPP '11
    Associate, Investment Intermediaries Department, Monetary Authority of Singapore

  7. Geng Hua Zheng
    Geng was working in the financial industry when the global crisis struck. Her experience convinced her that the time was right to make a shift. “After we came through the global financial crisis, I grew eager to use my knowledge to help society and attach myself to the cause of development,” she says. Now instead of working for a bank, she plans to dedicate herself to promoting Asia’s development.

    Geng Hua Zheng

    MPP ’12, China

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