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MPA Student Profiles

Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and move on to leadership positions around the world. You are invited to share their experiences here.

  1. Alison Swee
    “The knowledge and skills that I have gained at LKYSPP, ranging from policy analysis to public finance and leadership, will stand me in good stead to lead my team more effectively when I return to my organisation, and enable better policies to be devised and implemented for the benefit of the public.”

    Alison Swee

    Land Transport Authority (Singapore)

  2. Katsujiro Hori
    “As a mid-level official, I knew that the discussion level of the Master in Public Administration class would be very intriguing and challenging for me. The environment for the networking is ideal and the one-year programme was also attractive in terms of allowing me to concentrate on my academic before returning to my working environment.”

    Katsujiro Hori

    Japan International Cooperation Agency (Japan)

  3. Francesca Segre
    “It¹s fascinating to report on events, people and controversies from the front lines. It can also be frustrating to watch and write but not do anything about issues that need attention. The LKY School opens up my professional options and provides me with the skills and global context so I can do more than report.”

    Francesca Segre

    Freelance Journalist, New York Times

  4. Vineeta Hariharan
    “After a decade in development management in India , I found myself grappling with issues and bottlenecks that seemed to have no solution,” she says. “I decided to look globally for answers and found the LKY School , where I hope to learn global best practices and solutions to developmental issues.”

    Vineeta Hariharan

  5. Muhammad Joni Yulianto
    “Coming from my experience as a disabled person, I better understand the social, cultural and structural barriers that the disabled confront.”

    Muhammad Joni Yulianto

  6. Darryl David
    “I like the fact that no nationality forms more than 20 percent of my MPA cohort,” he says. “Unlike many other policy schools, no one ideology or culture dominates in the classroom.”

    Darryl David

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