Environment and Sustainability

7 mins

Why water conservation efforts often come up dry

10 Jul 2018
Visual tracking indicators could be just what we need in combating water wastage.
7 mins

Using emotional intelligence to encourage drinking recycled water

30 May 2018
3 mins

ESG Series: The Macroeconomic implications of climate change

25 Apr 2018
7 mins

World Health Day: Can a health systems ’scorecard’ help ASEAN countries kick the smoking habit?

06 Apr 2018
5 mins

Are smart cities safe?

03 Apr 2018
7 mins

Singapore Budget 2018: A Tale of Two Taxes

28 Feb 2018
5 mins

Air pollution lessons from Beijing, Delhi

13 Feb 2018
7 mins

Urban water security in China: Addressing a crippling water shortage

29 Jan 2018
China’s water supply is predicted to run out as early as 2020 in some cities. What brought about this crisis and can the country’s current measures sufficiently address the problem?
5 mins

Charting climate change plans in an uncertain future

24 Nov 2017
5 mins

Tiny plastic, big problem

24 Oct 2017
A global initiative is needed to tackle microplastics that pose harm to drinking Water and the fish food chain.