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PhD (Public & International Affairs), Princeton University

Scott Fritzen
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Scott Fritzen is currently on leave at New York University.


Scott A. Fritzen, Associate Professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (National University of Singapore), specializes in the analysis of governance reform and capacity strengthening in developing and transition countries. His research focuses on the world-wide comparative analysis of anti-corruption strategies, public sector decentralization trends, and the rise of global public policy education. He teaches courses in public management, public policy theory, program evaluation, negotiation and conflict management, public sector reform, and strategies for poverty alleviation, and served as Vice Dean (Academic Affairs) for the LKY School from 2008-2011.

His active consulting practice since 1994 in Asia has included over 35 assignments – most of which as team leader – for clients such as the World Bank, UNDP and Oxfam. He was the first American in the post-war era designated a Fulbright Fellow for Vietnam, and has lived and worked for extended periods in Japan, Germany, Italy, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, and Singapore. His Master in Public Affairs and Urban and Regional Planning degree and Ph.D. in Public Affairs are both from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University.

Scott Fritzen - CV

Research Areas

  • Administrative and public sector reform
  • Corruption
  • Development policy
  • Health policy
  • Social policy

Media Expertise

  • Anti-corruption strategies
  • Community development in Southeast Asia (especially Indonesia and Vietnam)
  • Decentralisation
  • Democratization
  • Governance and administrative reforms
  • Social policy reforms


Recent Academic Publications

 Books and Edited Volumes

  • Wu, X., Howlett, M., Ramesh, M. and Fritzen, S. (2010) The Public Policy Primer: Managing the Policy Process. London: Routledge, 120 pp.
  • Ramesh, M. and Fritzen, S. (Eds) (2009) Transforming Asian Governance, London: Routledge, 300 pp.
  • Kumar, V. and Fritzen, S. (Eds) (2004) Social Security in a Developing World Context, New Delhi: Serials Publications, 350 pp.

Book Chapters


  • Fritzen, S. (2000) Local Government Performance and Decentralization: A Comparative Approach With Application to Social Policy Reform in Vietnam, Ph.D. Dissertation, Princeton University

Shorter articles and commentaries

  • Fritzen, S. (2011) A (global) public policy primer. Global-Is-Asian, July/Sept 2011. 
  • Fritzen, S. (2009) From ‘good to great’ in global public policy education. Global-Is-Asian, July/Sept 2009 editorial.
  • Fritzen, S. (2005) Short-duration, high-intensity executive education: Mission impossible? Center for the Development of Teaching and Learning CDTLink, Vol 9(2), cover story.

Commissioned policy analysis and donor reports (selection)

  • Fritzen, S. (2010) “Framework and Recommendations for the Viet Nam National Program of Action for Children 2011-2020”, UNICEF, Viet Nam.
  • Fritzen, S. (2008) “Facing Constraints, Seizing New Opportunities: A Strategic Management Review of the United Nations Population Fund Program in Indonesia, 2006-2010”, UNFPA, Indonesia.
  • Fritzen, S., Howlett, M., Ramesh M., and Wu, X. (2007) “Integrated Policymaking for Sustainable Development: An operational manual”, United Nations Environment Program, Geneva.
  • Fritzen, S. (2006) “Managing the health workforce in Vietnam: Situation analysis and recommendations”, World Bank, Vietnam
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  • Fritzen, S. and C. Brassard (2005) “ Vietnam Inequality Report 2005”, Department for International Development (UK) – published report commissioned for the Vietnam National Assembly
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  • Fritzen, S. (2005) “Explaining What Works: A Guide to Smart Practice Case Study Design and Implementation”, UNICEF India 
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  • Fritzen, S. (2003) “Data quality and empirical strategy in the Indonesian Governance and Decentralization Survey”, World Bank, Indonesia 
  • Fritzen, S. (2003) “Final impact evaluation synthesis report: The Vietnam National Health Support Project”, Ministry of Health and World Bank, Vietnam
  • Fritzen, S. (2003) “Governance and child rights: A diagnostic framework for donor programming”, UNICEF Myanmar and Vietnam 
  • Fritzen, S. (2002) “Assessment of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework in the East Asia and Pacific Region”, United Nations Staff College, Turin.
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  • Fritzen, S. (2000) A Strategy for Social Development in Vietnam, 2000-2010. Hanoi Political Publishing House, Hanoi
  • Fritzen, S. (1999) “Incorporating an ‘area-focus’ into the 2001-2005 Unicef-Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Country Program of Cooperation: Issues and alternatives”, UNICEF, Vietnam.
  • Fritzen, S. (1998) “Evaluating social indicators: General guidelines and presentation of new analysis from 260 commune data-collection network”, Unicef and the Vietnam Committee for the Protection and Care of Children, Vietnam.
  • Fritzen (1998) “Economic analysis of household access to productive resources and project participation indicators in the Yen Lap Watershed of Northern Vietnam”, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
  • Fritzen, S. (1998) “Improving local programs of action for children and the area-focused approach to capacity building: from theory to action”, UNICEF, Vietnam.
  • Fritzen, S. (1998) “Microfinance in two upland districts: Situation analysis and alternatives for project involvement in the Song Da Social Forestry Project”, GTZ and Vietnam Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam.
  • Fritzen, S. (1998) “Impact evaluation: the Ngoc Lac natural resource management and conservation project”, CARE International, Vietnam.
  • Fritzen, S. (1998) “Logical frameworks for impact monitoring and evaluation for natural resource management interventions”, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
  • Fritzen, S. (1997)  “Benefit-cost analysis for development projects: A basic introduction with applications to NGO projects in Viet Nam”, Oxfam International, Vietnam.
  • Fritzen, S. (1997) “Benefit-cost analysis of the Hoang Dinh Sea Dyke Reconstruction Project”, Oxfam Great Britain, Vietnam.
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  • Fritzen, S. (1996) “Situation analysis and capacity development issues for basic health in Vietnam: Issues paper for UNDP/UNFPA/UNICEF joint report Capacity Development for Poverty Alleviation”, United Nations Development Program, Vietnam.


  • PP5105 Public Policy Research and Evaluation
  • PP5111 Public Policy and Analysis
  • PP5237 Strategies for Poverty Alleviation
  • PP5244 Public Sector Reform in Developing Countries
  • PP6703 Advanced Public Administration and Management