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Wolfgang Drechsler

Visiting Professor

PhD (University of Marburg), SocScD (Corvinus University of Budapest)

Wolfgang Drechsler
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DID: +65 6601 5848
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469C Bukit Timah Road
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WOLFGANG DRECHSLER is Professor of Gov­ernance at the Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Gov­ernance at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, and co-di­rector of its graduate Technology Governance program. Between 2010 and 2016, he was also Vice Dean of International Relations of the TUT Faculty of Social Sciences. Professor Drechsler previ­ously taught at the Universities of Marburg, Gießen, Frankfurt/Main, and Tartu (Chair of Public Administration); as André Molitor Chair (professeur invité) at the Univer­sité catholique de Louvain; and as Visiting Professor, most recently, at the Cen­tral University of Finance and Economics Beijing, at the University of Malaya, at Zhejiang and at Gadjah Mada Universities, and at the National Institute for Development Admin­istration (NIDA) Bangkok.

In civil service, Wolfgang Drechsler has been Ad­visor to the President of Estonia, Executive Secretary with the German Wissenschaftsrat during German Reunification, and, as an APSA Congressional Fellow, Senior Legislative Analyst in the United States Congress. He was vice chair of the executive board of PRAXIS, Estonia’s pre-eminent public policy think-tank; member of the Innovation Pol­icy Council of the Estonian Ministry of Economics; member of the Lisbon Agenda Group for public management; and founding co-chair of the EGPA Permanent Study Group XV on ‘Public Administration, Technology, and Innovation’. He currently directs the RND’s large-scale institutional grant (IUT) on ‘Challenges to State Modernization in 21st Century Europe’, 2014-19, and he is on the management board of IASIA.

Wolfgang Drechsler has been a consultant to international institutions such as the OECD, the Council of Europe, SIGMA, the World Bank, the European Union (especially Commission and Parliament), the Inter-American De­velopment Bank, and the UNDP, as well as for the private and national public sector. He has received the Estonian National Science Award, Social Science category; the Alena Brunovskà Award for Teaching Excellence; the Maarjamaa Rist, Estonia’s Order of Merit; the German Federal Merit Cross; and TUT’s Top Scientist award as best PhD advisor for three years in a row, 2011-13.

Wolfgang Drechsler’s areas of interest include

  • Non-Western Public Administration (Confucian, Buddhist, and Islamic)
  • Public Administration, Technology, and Innovation; and
  • Public Management Re­form generally; as well as
  • e-Governance;
  • Municipal Autonomy; and
  • Academic Administration.

He also has an active interest in Political Philosophy and Economic Theory. His regional foci are

  • Southeast and East Asia and
  • Central and Eastern Europe.

His book on Innovation Bureaucracy (with Rainer Kattel and Erkki Karo) will be published by Yale University Press later in 2017.


For publications and citations, please visit Google Scholar.

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