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Visiting Distinguished Fellow

  1. Mohamed Waheed Hassan

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  1. America and the World
  2. Anti-corruption strategies
  3. ASEAN and related organisations
  4. Asia in the world economy (especially China, India and ASEAN)
  5. Asian creative cities and the culture industry (focus on film, television, popular culture and theatre)
  6. Asian regionalism
  7. Bicycle policy
  8. China's development strategy
  9. China's foreign relations
  10. China’s energy security and environment
  11. Chinese politics and decision-making
  12. Community development in Southeast Asia (especially Indonesia and Vietnam)
  13. Comparative health systems
  14. Conflict resolution
  15. Decentralisation
  16. Democratization
  17. Economic development
  18. Energy security and policy
  19. Environmental policy
  20. EU external relations
  21. EU security and defense policy
  22. EU-Asia relations
  23. European Union
  24. Global development and resilience
  25. Global economy
  26. Global geopolitics
  27. Global governance issues (including the UN and Multilateralism)
  28. Global health
  29. Globalisation of security risks
  30. Good governance, integrity policy, politics and administration in Western Europe
  1. Governance
  2. Governance and administrative reforms
  3. Governance in East and Southeast Asia
  4. Health economics and financing policy
  5. Health research
  6. Hypnosis
  7. ICT and economic growth
  8. India
  9. Infectious diseases
  10. International aid
  11. International economics
  12. International economics and finance
  13. International trade and investment
  14. Knowledge translation
  15. Labour market policy issues
  16. Liberalisation, democracy and civil society
  17. Mind-body connection
  18. Nation branding, soft power and nation building
  19. Natural resource policy
  20. Nuclear arms control
  21. Nuclear power policy
  22. Nuclear proliferation
  23. Philippines
  24. Political and economic developments in Asia
  25. Political economy
  26. Political economy of transition
  27. Politics, society and culture in Singapore
  28. Population ageing and elder care issues
  29. Poverty and inequality
  1. Principles of public policy and administration (focus on meritocracy, pragmatism and public engagement)
  2. Psychology of peak performance
  3. Public expenditure management
  4. Public management and leadership
  5. Public sector reform
  6. Public transport policy and regulation
  7. Race, gender and sexuality
  8. Security issues in Asia-Pacific (Taiwan and Korea)
  9. Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  10. Singapore: global city facing global risks
  11. Sino-US relations
  12. Social policy in East and Southeast Asia
  13. Social policy reforms
  14. Soft power in the Asia-Pacific (especially Japan and Singapore)
  15. South Asia
  16. South Asian security
  17. Southeast Asia's economic growth and competitiveness
  18. Sovereign wealth funds
  19. Spatial justice in Asian cities
  20. Sri Lanka's conflicts
  21. Strategic studies and transformation of warfare in the post-Cold War era: US, UK, NATO
  22. The art of leadership
  23. Tibet
  24. Travel demand management
  25. Urban transport policy
  26. US-China relations
  27. Vietnam
  28. Vietnam economic development and public policies
  29. Water resource management