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Academic Office Bearers

  1. MAHBUBANI, Kishore 马凯硕 Dean
  2. QUAH, Danny 柯成兴 Vice Dean (Academic Affairs) and Li Ka Shing Professor in Economics
  3. ARARAL, Eduardo Vice Dean (Research), Director, Institute of Water Policy and Associate Professor
  4. LOW, Donald 刘浩典 Associate Dean (Research and Executive Education)
  5. KADIR, Suzaina Associate Dean (Admissions, Partnerships and Programmes), Deputy Director (Academic Affairs) & Senior Lecturer
  6. MANCINI, Francesco Associate Dean (Career Services and Student Life) and Visiting Associate Professor
  7. VALENTINE, Scott Victor Assistant Dean (Research) and Associate Professor
  8. AKTER, Sonia Assistant Dean (Research) and Assistant Professor

Associate Professor in Practice

  1. LOW, Donald 刘浩典 Associate Dean (Research and Executive Education)


  1. BAJPAI, Kanti Prasad 白康迪 Director, Centre on Asia and Globalisation and Wilmar Professor on Asian Studies
  2. HOWLETT, Michael
  3. KHONG, Yuen Foong Li Ka Shing Professor in Political Science
  4. QUAH, Danny 柯成兴 Vice Dean (Academic Affairs) and Li Ka Shing Professor in Economics
  5. RAJAN, Ramkishen Sundara
  6. RAMESH, M UNESCO Chair on Social Policy Design in Asia

Associate Professors

  1. ARARAL, Eduardo Vice Dean (Research), Director, Institute of Water Policy and Associate Professor
  2. GU, Qingyang 顾清扬
  3. HUI, Weng Tat
  4. HENG, Yee Kuang
  5. LALL, Ashish
  6. PHUA Kai Hong
  7. TAN, Kenneth Paul 陈思贤
  8. VALENTINE, Scott Victor Assistant Dean (Research)
  9. VAN DER WAL, Zeger
  10. VU, Minh Khuong
  11. WU, Alfred Muluan


  1. ASHER, Mukul Professorial Fellow

Visiting Distinguished Fellows

  1. Mohamed Waheed Hassan

Visiting Faculty

  1. BISWAS, Asit Visiting Professor
  2. CANNING, David James Visiting Professor
  3. CHEN Kang 陈抗 Visiting Professor
  4. KLITGAARD, Robert Emery Visiting Professor
  5. PANGESTU, Tikki Visiting Professor
  6. THAMPAPILLAI, Dodo J Visiting Professor
  7. THOMAS,Vinod Visiting Professor
  8. MANCINI, Francesco Visiting Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Career Services and Student Life)
  9. TAN Khee Giap 陈企业 Visiting Associate Professor and Co-Director, Asia Competitiveness Institute
  10. Andrew Michael FRANCIS-TAN Visiting Associate Professor
  11. SALLY, Razeen Visiting Associate Professor

Joint Appointments

  1. CHEUNG, Paul Professor (Practice), NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  2. CHOW, Winston Assistant Professor, NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  3. HSIEH, Tsun Yan Professor (Practice), NUS Business School
  4. HO, Peng Kee Associate Professorial Fellow, NUS Faculty of Law
  5. LEE Soo Ann Senior Fellow, NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  6. LIEW Mun Leong Provost Chair and Professor (Practice), NUS Business School and Faculty of Engineering
  7. LIM Hwee Hua Visiting Distinguished Fellow, NUS Business School
  8. MUKHERJEE, Rohan Assistant Professor, Yale-NUS College
  9. Jack SIM Adjunct Associate Professor, NUS Business School
  10. SMITH, Nicholas Russell Assistant Professor, Yale-NUS College
  11. TAN, Ern Ser 陈恩赐 Associate Professor, NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  12. WONG Poh Kam Professor, NUS Business School and Director, NUS Entrepreneurship Centre
  13. XIA, Xing Assistant Professor, Yale-NUS College

Browse by research area

  1. Administrative and public sector reform
  2. Ageing
  3. Agriculture
  4. Applied Timeseries Econometrics
  5. ASEAN and Southeast Asia
  6. ASEAN economy
  7. Asian competitiveness
  8. Asian economy
  9. Asian Monetary and Financial Regionalism
  10. Asian security
  11. Budgeting
  12. China development policy
  13. China Economy
  14. China provincial-central government relations
  15. China-India relations
  16. Cities and Urban Policies
  17. Climate change
  18. Co-production
  19. Comparative public management
  20. Corruption
  21. Corruption and Economic Growth
  22. Currency Crises, Monetary Policy and Financial Liberalization
  23. Decentralisation and federalism
  24. Demography and population
  25. Development economics
  26. Development policy
  27. Disaster governance
  28. Economic Growth and Development
  29. Economies in South Asia, ASEAN and East Asia
  30. Education
  31. Education policy
  32. Elite politics
  33. Employee attitudes
  34. Energy policy
  1. Environmental policy and economics
  2. Ethnicity and religion in Southeast Asia
  3. Evaluation of pilot social services
  4. Exchange Rate Regimes and Effects
  5. Exchange rates and currency
  6. Financial crises, capital flows and capital controls
  7. Financial Development and Financing for Development
  8. Food security
  9. Foreign direct investment and development finance
  10. Foreign Direct Investment and Other Financial Flows
  11. Gender equity
  12. Global economic crisis
  13. Global risk society
  14. Globalisation and economic regionalism in Asia
  15. Globalisation and labour market impact
  16. Growth and technology in Asia
  17. Health
  18. Health policy
  19. Human capital and migration policy
  20. Income inequality
  21. Infrastructure Development
  22. Intergovernmental fiscal relations and decentralisation
  23. International Capital Flows, Controls and Reserves
  24. International Economics
  25. International Relations Theory
  26. International reserves and macroeconomic management
  27. International security
  28. International water conflicts
  29. Labour
  30. Leadership
  31. Local governance
  32. Network management
  33. Non-market valuation
  1. Old-age pensions and income security
  2. Pensions and social security policy
  3. Performance management and public values
  4. Policy design and implementation
  5. Population
  6. Public Administration theory
  7. Public budgeting and finance
  8. Public housing policy
  9. Public management reforms
  10. Public participation
  11. Public sector innovation
  12. Public-private partnerships
  13. Qualitative Methods
  14. Quantitative Methods and Program Evaluation
  15. Race/ethnicity
  16. Regulatory policy
  17. Singapore economy
  18. Singapore international relations
  19. Singapore labour market
  20. Singapore Public Policy
  21. Singapore social policy
  22. Social media in the public sector
  23. Social policy
  24. Soft power
  25. Sustainable development
  26. The Global Economy
  27. Trade and investment policy
  28. Trade, investment and finance
  29. Transport policy
  30. Urban Policy and Planning
  31. Water management, governance and policy
  32. Women empowerment
  33. World Order; Models of Global Power Relations

Browse by media expertise

  1. America and the World
  2. ASEAN and related organisations
  3. Asia in the world economy (especially China, India and ASEAN)
  4. Asian creative cities and the culture industry (focus on film, television, popular culture and theatre)
  5. Bicycle policy
  6. China's development strategy
  7. China's foreign relations
  8. China’s energy security and environment
  9. Chinese politics and decision-making
  10. Comparative health systems
  11. Comparisons between public and private sector
  12. Corporate environmental management
  13. Corruption & ethics
  14. Developing public sector leaders for 21st century
  15. Economic development
  16. Energy policy and politics
  17. Environmental governance
  18. Environmental management
  19. Environmental policy
  20. Fertility and marriage
  21. Future of government
  22. Global development and resilience
  23. Global economy
  24. Global geopolitics
  25. Global governance issues (including the UN and Multilateralism)
  26. Global health
  27. Globalisation of security risks
  1. Governance
  2. Governance in East and Southeast Asia
  3. Governance in the European Union
  4. Health economics and financing policy
  5. Health research
  6. ICT and economic growth
  7. India
  8. Infectious diseases
  9. Innovation in the government
  10. International aid
  11. International trade and investment
  12. Japan
  13. Knowledge translation
  14. Labour market policy issues
  15. Liberalisation, democracy and civil society
  16. Managing a younger workforce
  17. Nation branding, soft power and nation building
  18. Natural resource policy
  19. Nuclear proliferation
  20. Philippines
  21. Political and economic developments in Asia
  22. Political economy
  23. Political economy of transition
  24. Politics, society and culture in Singapore
  25. Population ageing and elder care issues
  26. Poverty and inequality
  1. Principle-centered leadership
  2. Principles of public policy and administration (focus on meritocracy, pragmatism and public engagement)
  3. Public expenditure management
  4. Public management and leadership
  5. Public policy
  6. Public sector leadership
  7. Public sector reform
  8. Public transport policy and regulation
  9. Race, gender and sexuality
  10. Security issues in Asia-Pacific (Taiwan and Korea)
  11. Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  12. Singapore: global city facing global risks
  13. Sino-US relations
  14. Social policy in East and Southeast Asia
  15. Soft power in the Asia-Pacific (especially Japan and Singapore)
  16. South Asia
  17. Southeast Asia's economic growth and competitiveness
  18. Spatial justice in Asian cities
  19. Sri Lanka's conflicts
  20. Strategic studies and transformation of warfare in the post-Cold War era: US, UK, NATO
  21. Tibet
  22. Travel demand management
  23. Urban transport policy
  24. US-China relations
  25. Vietnam
  26. Vietnam economic development and public policies

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