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Leaders in governments, businesses and non-profit institutions are often expected to make quick decisions under conditions of uncertainty – often with incomplete information.  While relying on their heuristics and their organisations’ routines may work well in stable contexts, in less predictable settings these mental short-cuts often lead to misdiagnoses and poor decisions. Our Executive Education programmes provide leaders the opportunity to develop the skills to thrive in a complex, fast-changing world. They encourage critical reflection, impart valuable knowledge about governance and policymaking, and create opportunities for learning across departmental boundaries and intellectual disciplines. Our diverse and international faculty helps to equip our students with multiple perspectives to make sense of the complexity they face. By integrating theory and practice, we help our participants achieve a deeper understanding of how they can be more effective managers, leaders and decision-makers.

Donald Low

Donald Low
Associate Dean (Research and Executive Education) & Associate Professor (Practice)


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