Up Close and Personal with Alumni: Jack Sim |

Up Close and Personal with Alumni: Jack Sim


The world has 7 billion people but our global markets focus on only 3 billion. The other 4 billion living at the Base of Pyramid (BOP) is excluded from our formal economy for the longest time. Now with rapid advancement of technology and saturation of the Top of Pyramid marketplace, the BOP is becoming a Blue Ocean opportunity for all trade to flourish there.

Singapore's model of development has been adopted by China, Dubai, India, Rwanda and many other nations successfully. This lecture offers you a glimpse of the massive potential of this market and how we can transform it into very profitable business both for the developed and developing world.


Jack Sim, MPA Alumni (2013), Serial Businessman. Serial Social Entrepreneur. Artist. Author. Philosopher. Film-maker. System Level Change-maker. Father. Son. Husband. Village Chief. Unionist.

Thursday, 02 March 2017

2-2, Manasseh Meyer Building,
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy,
National University of Singapore

Admission is free. This event is open to all NUS LKY School alumni, students and staff. Please note that seats are limited.

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