Internships at LKY School

The LKY School Internship Programme is intended to provide students with opportunities to gain work experience, apply their classroom learning and contribute to the work of the hiring organisations. LKY School students are not required to undertake internships and do not receive academic credit for internships.

Thus, those students who do seek internships are often self-driven, resourceful and highly motivated. Many approach the employers they wish to work for directly. Career Services is always available for support and advice, and in some instances may be able to facilitate introductions and recommend suitable candidates.

LKY School students are encouraged to pursue internships with public and non-profit organisations, and in some instances with relevant private sector organisations as well. Most MPP students undertake full-time internships during the May to August and December to January vacations, but a few students also take on part-time internships during the semester.

The following organisations have hired LKY School students as interns:

  • APEC Secretariat – Policy Support Unit
  • Asia-Europe Foundation
  • Frost & Sullivan
  • Microsoft Singapore
  • Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • The World Bank
  • United Nations Development Programme

Interns are typically hired through an open recruitment process which is merit-based and often highly competitive. Below are some guidelines and programmes that students can explore: