Our Network

CAG partners with pre-eminent institutions around the world to produce policy relevant knowledge on the impact of globalisation on Asia and Asia’s role in governing an integrated world.


Financial Inclusion Workshop
May 20-21 2015, Hong Kong

China Center for Collaborative Studies of the South China Sea

Towards a Peaceful and Stable South China Sea Conference
April 23-25 2015, Nanjing


China-Japan Young Leaders Forum
November 28-29 2014, Tokyo


Regional Security Roundtable Event,
July 14-15 2013, Singapore

A New Narrative for the Asian Power Balance
November 24 – 25 2014, Singapore


The Impact of National Culture on Foreign Policy Making in a Multipolar World
October, 3-4 2014, Berlin

Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies

Inaugural Conference on the Developing Asia Pacific’s Last Frontier Fostering International Cooperation in the Development of Russia’s Siberia and Far East
December, 16-18 2013, Singapore


South China Sea Conference
Mar 13-15 2013, New York


Conference on Energy Security in Asia
Dec 13, 2012, Singapore

Conference on Asia-EU Energy Security & Environment Policies
June 26-27, 2013, Paris

Business Leadership for a Sustainable Southeast Asia – A Senior Executive Programme
14-17 September 2010

XVII Annual Meeting of G-50
23-26 September 2010, Singapore


International Roundtable on Asia Regionalism: Responding to Climate Change and Natural Disasters
5-6 May 2010, Singapore


Joint Proposal to the Volkswagen Foundation on “Europe and Global Challenges: Reforming International Order for the 21st Century”

May 2010

Global Redesign Initiative: Singapore Hearing on Asia’s Contribution to the Redesign of Global Governance
1-2 December 2009, Singapore

International Workshop on Transparency and Access to Information
4-6 March 2009

Public Roles of the Private Sector – Access to Remedies Project

MacArthur Foundation Asia Security Initiative – Energy Security in Asia
2009 – ongoing

Nuclear Proliferation Workshop
6-7 March 2008

The meeting of the International Advisory Group of the Project on Managing Global Insecurity (MGI)
9-10 December 2007, Singapore


Forum on Clean Energy, Good Governance and Regulation

17-18 March 2008