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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When are applications due?
    Applications must be submitted online. The applications are open from 1 August 2016. All applications are due by 31 January 2017, 23:59 hrs (+GMT 8).
  2. How many students do you admit yearly?
    We will be admitting 30 students for the first intake of the programme. We expect this to gradually increase to 60 students per year at steady state.
  3. What are the GRE / GMAT/ LSAT scores I need to qualify for the programme?
    We do not have a minimum score required for admission. Standardised test results are just one of several selection criteria. Each application will be evaluated holistically based on the documents submitted.
  4. Is work experience required for admission?
    Work experience may aid an application but it is not a selection criterion.
  5. What are my chances for admission if I do not possess a relevant first degree?
    We expect most applicants to have an academic background in the Social Sciences. However, candidates from other disciplines and with deep interest in International Affairs are welcome to submit their applications.
  6. Are there any admission interviews and/or tests?
    Admission decisions will be made primarily based on the application and supporting documents that are submitted. However, some candidates may be required to attend an interview.
  7. When will I know the outcome of my application?
    Applicants will be notified from the end of March of the admissions year.
  8. Is it possible to defer my starting date, if I have been successfully admitted to the programme this year?
    Deferment of starting date is subject to approval from the school. If it is approved, it will be valid for one year.


Aside from the comprehensive information on our admissions page, if you have any other queries or would like to receive a copy of our programme brochure, please submit your request via our query form. Alternatively, you may also speak to our admissions officers at +65 6516 8004.

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